How to make music?

386a1d91-c590-43c5-81a6-07bc5d82818a  Learning how to make music is something that many people want to do but think of it as an unachievable task, or something that takes a lot of time. Some people even think you have to be born into music or naturally talented. No doubt a lot of people are, however you can be like them too. Go onto Google and search up Fruity Loops. Fruity Loops is the most used music production software on the market and is common for new producers to use.








The reason people use Fruity loops is because everyone recommends it and it allows you to do things advanced music software such as Logic Pro. Adding plugins which allow real sounding instruments is what a lot of producers do to give their productions a very professional sound and also could make them sound as if they are using much more advanced software or even hardware then they actually are.








Hand-drawn-colored-musical-instruments-vector-03Starting to learn how to make music isn’t as hard as you think and if you put your mind to it you could be making music within a few weeks. You can go from knowing nothing at all and once you know how to make music in one program, there pretty much all the same and you will advance through them all.

Follow your heart and start making music today. Follow your dreams and if you really want them they will come true. Find some friends or a mentor to tell you if your music is hot or not, sign up to websites such as MySpace and upload your music and get feedback.

Good luck